Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Month added to rock calendar…

The Horde has had difficulty finding time to write the new album. So, being rock Gods, they have decided to add a new month to the rock calendar.

This month will be compiled from all those moments in the regular year where you find yourself staring into space contemplating imponderables like, “What if Jimi Hendrix and Eddy Van Halen were in the same band? Who would lead? Would it be like Night Ranger, only better?”

So, what should the month be called? Jamuary? Rocktober? NO!!!!!!! Norse Horde has created the new rock month of “Will.” This is in direct objection to the month of “May.” “May”, what the hell; that is not a good name for a rock month.

So, the month of Will is upon us….


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